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What is a School Committee Anyway??

Please view the original document here:

PLEASE... KNOW what you are voting on, WHY it matters, and WHO the candidates are before you vote onNovember 7th 2017!

Because I believe it is important to be fully informed I created a document of compiled information regarding Haverhill School Committee and the current candidates running in the November 7th election. This document can be viewed in its entirety here:

However I know the question I am asked when door knocking and via social media most often is; So who are the candidates?

Allow me to provide a scope of reference...

New Candidates: (First time officially running for Haverhill School Committee)

Katrina Hobbs Everett:

Richard Smyth:

Rich Rosa:

Incumbents: (People who are currently on the school committee, who’s terms have expired and they are now up for re- election):

Maura Ryan Ciardiello:

Paul Magliocchetti :

Google search us!!

Katrina Hobbs Everett:

Richard Smyth:

Rich Rosa:

Maura Ryan Ciardiello:

Paul Magliocchetti:

Additional Information:

These are the remaining members of SC who are NOT up for re-election until 2019:

Gail Sullivan (current school committee President):

Sven Amirian:

Scott Wood:

**NOTE** The information contained in linked document (in Purple and the two images) are sourced from: All credit and rights to referenced text belong to this source. The information has been collated and organized by: Katrina Hobbs Everett in an effort to provide a clear understanding of the function, roles, authority, and ethics of the Haverhill School Committee, as documented in the School Committee Policies. Also to provide consolidated information about the candidates running for School Committee in the November 7th 2017 local election. All information is public knowledge and available for search on the world wide web.

**Photo credit of the image used in this note belongs to “Marshfield Public Schools”

I hope you have found this note to be informative! Thanks for looking :)

Warm Regards,

Katrina Hobbs Everett

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