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We started this journey in 2015. 8 long years of hard work and gaining experience. This journey has been hard. It has come with some disappointments and tears, yet far more lessons learned and relationships developed. I am thrilled to announce, WE DID IT!


This January will bring forth a fresh perspective to the city of Haverhill and the smell of change is in the air. With historic wins across all city offices, and a revived sense of hope that comes with a newly elected Mayor, there is a positive energy about the city. We are hopeful that the collaborative spirit we saw during election season will remain as the newly structured City Council and School Committee members take office in January. We are ready to get to work!


This campaign we saw a tremendous outpouring of support, and for that I am SO grateful! Thank you to each and every person who supported this grassroots campaign in anyway. From making phone calls, to knocking doors and holding signs, or even sharing a post or telling a friend in ward 2 about our campaign, we Thank You! This was 100% a team effort, and it is a team victory! Your participation has made all the difference. Thank you again for all your support. 


Now its time to get to work. I hope to make you all proud. Thank you for believing in me and supporting this historic journey. See you in January!


Warm regards,

Katrina Hobbs Everett, M.Ed. Ward 2 Haverhill City Councilor- Elect

& The Hobbs Everett Committee


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