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"Passion for community. Dedication to people. Leadership for Haverhill."

Creative commonsense solutions for the challenges facing our city

Kat's priorities are:

  • Budget transparency

    • Seeing that our tax dollars work for us

  • Comprehensive public safety

    • Seeing that all of our departments are properly resourced to serve the needs of our community

  • Infrastructure upkeep and balanced development (roads, bridges, buildings, schools, etc.)

    • Making sure that we are taking care of our roads, bridges, water systems, outdated school buildings and that things do not go neglected.  Also making sure that any new development makes sense for our city’s growth and takes into account cost of living so it does not push out vulnerable populations such as people who are in their senior years, or who are veterans.  

  • Supporting local businesses

    • Increasing economic opportunities

  • Community engagement

    • Supporting our diverse and changing local ecosystems (i.e. our growing education systems, vast community serving organizations, neighborhood associations, etc.) 

  • Fairly and accurately representing Ward 2

    • Elevating the needs and concerns of all constituents in Ward 2 and working with the full council membership and future Mayor to govern the city well


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