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Kat in the news!

Thank you Peter Francis for reaching out to interview me. I enjoyed our conversation!

From the article:

First-time candidates Hobbs-Everett and Vargas said they want to bring new enthusiasm to the council and make history. They would be Haverhill's first African American woman councilor and Latino councilor, respectively.

"My father (Bishop Franklin Hobbs) was a pastor for 37 years, so I grew up in social service, and I want to see people my age more engaged in the political process," said Hobbs-Everett a lifelong Haverhill resident who runs the non-profit organization Power of Self Education Inc. with her husband, Dennis.

Hobbs-Everett said improving public safety is a top priority for her, but on a larger scale than just putting more police officers on the street.

"We need to also address addiction, violence and homelessness, which are all intertangled with public safety," she said. "We need to foster sustainable economic development, organic businesses based in Haverhill where Haverhill residents, even the homeless, can work."

(By Peter Francis

Here's the full article link:

*Side note: My father Bishop Hobbs has been in ministry for 57 years, pastoring for 50 years, of which 37 years have been at Rehoboth Lighthouse Full Gospel Church. Bishop Hobbs has searved as a pator in Massachusetts for 40 years! #mydadrocks #daddysgirl <3

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